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Hexagon 2016, Anaheim

Dioptra recently sent Gwen Inskeep and Stewart Ward to sunny Anaheim, California to attend Hexagon 2016.  Hexagon provided hands-on training and breakout sessions to learn new methods of collecting data and new ideas to implement our HDS 3D scanner on a variety of projects.  New ideas for deliverables and upcoming product advancements were also taught during the conference.  The networking opportunities were abundant and there was never a missed chance to meet new people and talk about how HDS is used in other parts of the country and around the world. Stewart and Gwen also had the unique opportunity to present a recent HDS project.  This project was a hydroelectric power plant on the Snake River for Idaho Falls Power.  The project included complete scanning of the entire power plant with deliverables for use in the CAVE at INL's CAES building located in Idaho Falls, ID.  The point cloud will be used for virtual tours of the power plant as well as training for the maintenance staff on areas that are inaccessible during normal operations of the plant.

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